Speciality Cakes

Fehn’s Cake & Cookie Shop is also known for they’re Specialty Cakes. For something different, try one of these, available in all sizes except 9” round.

Napoleon Cake – Flakey pastry filled w/ vanilla custard or chocolate pudding. Top is made out of a vanilla fondant and chocolate swirl to create a web effect.

Tiramisu – An Italian favorite consisting of vanilla sponge cake soaked in coffee with a real mascarpone cheese filling; finished with fresh ladyfinger cookies and a decorative ribbon.

Grand Marnier – Real Grand Marnier chiffon is combined with vanilla & chocolate cake then covered with our decadent Ganache icing.

Mousse Cakes – One of our bestsellers. Available in an variety of flavors.
– All chocolate
– Vanilla & Chocolate
– Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry
– Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee
– Vanilla & Chocolate with Chocolate Crunchies
All made with a thin layer of chocolate cake & topped with Ganache Icing.

German Cheesecake – Our richest cheesecake cake made with real cream cheese – plain or fruit topped.

Silk ‘N Satin – Our most decadent dessert! German Cheesecake partnered with our Chocolate Mousse cake, topped with our Ganache Icing and encrusted with chocolate shavings. Truly Remarkable!!